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Technological partners

Outsourcing Services

We have a wide range of experience in the delivery of different services and outsourcing methods for top of the line companies. More than 30 clients in almost 3 years of work support us.
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Application Development

Thanks to Microsoft, our coding factory integrates software solutions to technical projects and builds customized software for big companies through the several valid hiring methods in the market.
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HUAWEI Access and FTTH Solutions

We have the experience and manufacturer’s support to develop cutting-edge GPON solutions and FTTH+ networks.
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HUAWEI Connectivity Solutions

We can help you cover your connectivity needs based on HUAWEI equipment, be it Routers, Switches or Access Points.
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HUAWEI Renewable Energy

We can help you develop your solar power project thanks to HUAWEI, the leader in this type of technology.
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IOT, Customized solutions

Through our connectivity solution, and thanks to ITOKII and its monitoring platform, we can help you incorporate a variety of sensors that will allow you to easily monitor several variables from the cloud.
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HIKVISION video security solutions are the best in terms of AI algorithms and image analysis engines, which simplify their use.
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HIKVISION: Access Control Solutions

Thanks to its AI face recognition algorithms, its real time temperature measurement functions and its integral monitoring capabilities, HIKVISION is widely recognized as the best provider of access control solutions in the market.
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